“You are so Occupy!”

Leah was telling me that Occupy Wallstreet is all about people getting out of Big Business and politics that are beyond them, and taking part in locally owned, locally run organizations, politics, and companies. Like being in a neighborhood association.
“Oh, we have a great neighborhood association!” I said, and proceded to tell her all about it.
And like being in local groups.
“Oh, like the homeschool association I started!” I said, and she asked me how it was going.
And like joining a veggie co-op or a CSA.
“I’ve been in those!”
Or like choosing to dine at a locally owned restaurant rather than a chain one.
“We do that! My favorite is La Margarita!”
Or like going bowling instead of watching TV, or like contributing to your church, voting in local politics, or being a part of city-wide discussions on pertinent decisions.
“I am SO Occcupy!” I said, and we both started laughing.
Who knew that this Catholic homeschooling mother of 5 would be so hip as to be on the cutting edge of Occupy Wallstreet without even knowing it!