Worth it all

  Today, one of my children was telling me how happy he is at his school.  He went on for a while about academics, sports, and social events.  Then he said, “Mom, I think I’m doing so well because of our previous homeschool.”  I was shocked and asked him what he meant.  He said, “You were talking recently about personal development, and how that can be different from intellectual or spiritual development.  Well, I feel like I got such a good personal development for the first 12 years of my life, that now, it makes me stronger in all the areas of my life.”
    It was the biggest “Thank you” I could have received.  I never expect my kids to appreciate fully what I give them.  And here this child was, giving me the most thoughtful, insightful “thank you” imaginable to me.  It makes eleven years of homeschooling, and so much more, worth it all.