Why Christianity

     Perhaps the single summation of why we ought to be Christians is: Christ became like us so that we might become like God.  We are not fully ourselves until we are higher than, better than our natural selves.  We are meant to be like God.  But we cannot until we embrace and follow the one who genuinely reveals how a human can be so much more than human–or be fully human.
     I have had a powerful celebration of Easter.  I am staring in the face many ways in which I have left everything and am following Him.  I have followed to the breaking point.  The Catholic teachings on family life, including openness to life and the sacredness of marital love, have absorbed my whole life–I would never have six children nor would my day to day life be so infused with maternal chores and opportunities.  It has been a laying down of my life for Christ.  But in it, I find the resurrection.  So much new life!  Catholic motherhood really is a way of transcending our natural selves and living in the pattern of Christ’s sacrificial love.