What a JOY!!!!

    We had such a joyful Christmas: Midnight Mass; Christmas dinner with smoked ribs, Ron Rombs style; lots of pies; an Advent tree that we never got around to re-decorating for Christmas; children squealing over ballet barres, Mission Impossible 5 and a subscription to the soccer channel; and LOTS of coffee for the parents.
     What struck us the most, however, is that the 26th of December is the feast of the first Christian martyr, St. Stephen.  The older kids and I talked about how Christmas is not about children toys and sugar cookies.  Christmas is about a faith that could cost us our lives.  It is about our belief that this one man, Jesus of Nazareth, truly is the imprint of the living God, and we should give our lives to him and follow in his footsteps if we want to be truly happy and join the divine family.
     May we all seek a life completely yielded to the merciful God revealed in Jesus Christ, and may we find joy in his blessed presence.