Water Balloon of Throw Up

    Apparently, Jake just threw up so much all over his classroom, that the boys through someone had burst a water balloon!
     Now I have to put my money where my mouth is.  Just this past Saturday, I held a retreat in my home for Catholic moms.  It was so much fun–so many moms, giving testimonies, sharing, praying.  We had 2 priests there, hearing confessions and saying mass.  It was magnificent.
     I created a little video of moms sharing about themselves along the theme of “One Thing I Do Right.”  They share one thing they do right as a mom.  I was at the end of the video, and I said that I offer up messes: diapers, throw up, and so forth.
    Well, this latest vomiting episode, of which I am sure there will be more to come today and tomorrow at least, is just the most recent in a string of sicknesses that goes back to mid-Jan.   The throw up, fevers, sore throats, strep, etc., has been relentless.  And I thought we might just be done!  But here we go again, as Ray Charles sings.
     So, I need to muster up the will to offer it up.  For whom?  For what?  I have one main intention for my sister that I have been offering the sicknesses up for.  So, writing this out is helping me.  I am going to go sit in a quiet room, and imagine that intention coming true.  Then I will not mind one bit, when the kids call me downstairs, shouting, “Mom!  Jake just threw up again!”