Trust–In Whom Do We Entrust Ourselves?

    Every one of us puts our trust in someone or something.  Some people, of course, place their ultimate trust in God.
    But those who do not still place their trust somewhere.  Maybe they place their trust in themselves: “I am the king of my universe–I will promote my own good.”  Others place their trust in money or possessions.  It is not “I am worth it all,” but rather, “I may be a scoundrel, but I want as much pleasure and as much comfort as possible.”  These are different: one person idolizes himself; another idolizes possessions.  
     No one can escape this act of entrusting.  We all do it, even if it is inadvertent or done by default.  
     It’s interesting to me that, even if we choose to idolize ourselves, that too is a choice.
     The fact that we all entrust ourselves to someone or something is an indication that we are creatures made to be in relationship.  We are made, not to be an island, but to be a community.  We are more like puzzle pieces, incomplete without someone or something in whom to attach ourselves.  We are less like a complete, self-contained thing.
     This Advent, it is my hope to meditate upon my own creatureliness, my own dependence, my need to attach myself to someone else.  It is my desire to examine the choice I have made, which is the choice for God.  Am I deeply attached?  Or am I in need of renewed commitment and devotion?  What areas of my life have I reclaimed for myself?  Where can I improve in entrusting myself to the Creator and Redeemer, the Savior of the world?