Top Five

The top five things that are going well right now:
1. When I told Clare she could not have makeup that she had been offered as a gift, she accepted it without a fuss.
2. When I serve lentil soup and broccoli for lunch, they say, “Yay!”
3. When I tell Leigh to clean her and Annie’s room, she says “Okay,” and actually does it.
4. Annie just keeps herself busy through most of the homeschooling day.
5. Ron and I are so happily married: it is better now than when we were newlyweds.

     Each of these five things is the fruit of prayer and labor.  They are like vegetables ready to pick, after months of tilling, cultivating, weeding, fertilizing and watering.  I use words and incentives, but I also just pray.  The one about Annie especially: who knows when a toddler will become easy to manage in homeschool!  But all Christmas break I prayed, “God, help her to turn the corner!  Please, please!  Let this semester have been the last one that she wrecks the day!”  And sure enough, I cannot point to a day on which it shifted, but for weeks now, she just fits right in! Thank you, Lord, for answering my prayer!!!!!