Top 10 Favorites

My Top Ten Favorite Things from the Past Week:

10. That I cannot talk on the phone or get on my computer because Annie loves to suck on the phone and punch her dirty little hands into the keyboard, and scream her piercing scream if I say no (totally adorable, really and won’t last forever!). 🙂

9. Having a Mom in my home last week who had a severely deformed baby–one of my real fears is having one myself–and seeing the glow of beauty and love radiating from both of them.  A powerful lesson to me, just by being in the presence of this woman.

8. My children being so well behaved and quiet upstairs while I had a homeschool event downstairs that the women never heard them once in 6 hours!  (They did have a babysitter, but still!)

7. Clare giving Leigh swimming lessons, and Leigh really swimming.

6. Clare having to earn her last birthday present due to a punishment for taking out toys while Mary and Leigh were putting toys away (she has to get a “check” on her chart for being “Very Helpful” every day for 12 days), and Clare truly metamorphosing–glowing as she asks, “How may I help you, Mom?”and volunteering work–before my very eyes.

5. Coming downstairs one morning and Clare announcing, “Mom, I started a load of laundry.  Darks.”

4. Annie’s wave and words: “Bye bye!” or “Hi!”

3. Turning down the offer to speak at the Magnificat Breakfast the November, not knowing why God asked this of me (except that I know I want to give my best attention to my family rather than a public engagement), and being pleased as punch that I know I have been obedient and that it is the right thing to do.

2. Mary taking over the job of cutting flowers and keeping our vases full every day with zinnias from our first ever successful cut-flower garden.  (CHECK OUT THE CARROTS, TOO!)

1. Jake wanting so desperately to do modern history this upcoming year, that he asked if he could read our unfinished history book from the previous period in the upcoming weeks so that he would be caught up and ready (oh my gosh!  Really??!!?).