“Toof-pick, toof-pick, anybody wanna toof-pick!”
Sebastian tried to sell toothpicks to all of us throughout the afternoon.  He reminded me of all our other children at four years old.  But until today, he had not really reminded me of our other kids.  They played together for hours on end.  They were happy and relaxed.  Sebastian, however, was not really that way.  He was clingy to me, grumpy, and prone to fits. 
    I think the big change is because of the homeschool.  This one short year, we are homeschooling, and Sebastian is around most of the kids most of the time.  He is integrating into their play time, their projects, their glue and glitter, their baking and cracking eggs.  Currently, Leigh is the master of Rombs play.  She orchestrates “restaurant,” animal games, and hide and seek.  Sebastian has never been more happy, more silly, more relaxed.  It feels like he is finally a Rombs.