To Rest or Not to Rest

    As the baby was wailing and five year old Annie was crying in time out, I wondered: “What has HAPPENED to these kids?”
    Ron and I resolved the situations, and then handled a few more.
    Then I announced: “I am open to homeschooling Annie, even next semester.”  That would mean pulling her out of kindergarten and keeping her at home after Christmas.
    This is NOT what I wanted.
    This year is my first ever sabbatical, a year off from homeschooling.  I love homeschooling.  But everyone needs a break sometimes.
     Offering to end my sabbatical mid-way through was pretty huge for me.  The sacrifice of Isaac, so to speak.
     But I have to remember my priorities.  That my children are well-behaved, well formed in their faith, and well educated are what matter most.  A three month break for me is certainly more than most people ever get from their jobs!