To Homeschool or Not To Homeschool . . .

      A new school is coming to town, and I have been discerning whether to continue homeschooling.  

      The results: DEFINITELY continue homeschooling!
     Even though it is SO MUCH MORE WORK FOR ME, it is the best investment I know how to make.  What we are seeing come to pass because of homeschooling is: 
1) A closeness among all the kids with each other and with both of us parents, that is unmistakable, and that I imagine will make a significant difference throughout their adulthood.  I want to live the rest of my life knowing that I had done everything I could to foster LOVE among us, and strangely, rather than getting sick of their parents, kids cannot seem to get enough attention from us.  They absorb it, relish it, and enjoy it–I guess all people love to be seen, observed, and known.  
2) An identity that is shaped entirely by their faith, by desiring to be close to God and pleasing to God.  Homeschooling clears away lots of the distractions from this critical formation.  
3) Avoiding the negative socialization that they would get from their peers at school.  
4) Lastly, but almost most importantly, a state of BEING AWAKE and ENGAGED with almost everything that is going on around them.  I felt like I was on autopilot for the first 25 years of my life, going through motions.  I can see the glazed over look in so many children’s eyes.  But so many homeschooled children, including ours, are thinking, anticipating, and participating in their environment.  This raises the chances that for their adulthood, they will be awake, engaged, and reflective, both in terms of externals (like school/work, etc.), but also in terms of internals, such as being able to listen to one’s inner voice, be in touch with one’s authentic self, and being able to hear the voice of God.    
   Having other schools to choose from makes it seem so tempting to take the easier course.  But for us, I believe that the best choice I can make is to homeschool our children.  
   I have my Louisiana friends to thank for showing me the option of homeschooling!  God bless them–without them, we would likely never have had this doorway of grace opened to us.  Thank you, friends!