To Catch a Fairy

     The girls had their ballet performance, To Catch a Fairy!  They were divine.  Leigh was a Lilac fairy, Clare was an Iris fairy, and Mary was the Frost fairy.

     Mary was the tiniest little soloist–all the others were in their teens.  She shimmered and sparkled: she was so graceful.  I had to pinch myself that this is her first year of ballet.
     Leigh could not find the rhythm in her dance, but she waved to the audience with a wink and a smile, and everyone laughed.
     When Clare was doing her number, she got mad that a girl dancing next to her made the wrong move.  Clare angrily talked to the girl and pointed where she should be!  Although some people might think this was the low point of the whole show, Clare happily announced to me afterwards that she was “helpful” to the other girls, reminding them of their dances!  🙂