Time Out!

    Sweet little Annie got her first, “No whining!” lesson today!

She did not really know what a time out was.

     So the kids and I all stood together, put a chair in a corner, and I explained: “We are only going to use kind voices.  No fussy voices.  No whiny voices.  So if you want something, you may say, “May I please have . . . ‘”

    I explained that if she whined, she would go in time out.  Since she is 2 years old, she would stay for 2 minutes.  I would stand with my back to the chair.

    Then I explained to the other kids: “We cannot whine or use any voice other than a kind voice.  We have to model kind voices for her. . . Even me!”  They loved that, and understood the importance.

    So the whole day, we were vigilant about Annie and her kind voice.  She got 3 time outs.  The other times, we corrected her, and she changed her voice immediately.

    She seemed to like her little chair, the fact that I did not walk away, and the chance to get it right, and then to be applauded and to get a reward.

     She was remarkable.  When Ron came home after work, we had to use it one time, and Annie’s polite little request for what she wanted shocked him.

     Hooray!  All in a day’s work!