There’s Failure and Then There’s Failure

     Some failure is just so good for our souls.  Failing to pull it off perfectly, failing to make the impression we wanted, failing to secure the title or money or status or approval that we were longing for.
    I’ve been begging God recently for the grace to not be prickly with people who have hurt me or let me down.  I just want to be okay with shortcomings–my own, and other people’s.  I sometimes hold us all to such impossibly high standards!  I love saying, “No problem!” even to big omissions.
    But then there’s failure–failing to find God, failing to give ourselves to God, failing to make time for God, failing to orient our lives around God.  That is what I want to avoid at all costs.
    These two kinds of failure are related: once we’ve given our lives to God and avoided the second kind of failure, we can enjoy the first kind of failure to an unlimited degree!