The Right Attitude

    Jake is applying to a private school.  While it is best for him because it is run by wonderful Catholic monks, it is a highly competitive private school that has earned high ranking in the DFW area.  While we are interested in it for the religious environment, it happens to be incredibly hard to get into.  They have zero to three spots available, they said. 🙁
      His test is on Saturday.  He and I have worked tirelessly to prepare him–hundreds of spelling and vocab words, dozens of reading comp and essay writing practice, and many practice standardized tests.
     As Saturday approaches, it is hard not to be nervous.
    I was praying in Mass on the Feast of Mary the Mother of God, bringing to God my worry and anxiety.  In a flash, and clear as a bell, I could hear the message in my heart: “It is unbecoming for a daughter of Christ such as yourself to have any attitude other than, ‘Let it be done to me according to Thy word.'”
    This is the response of trustful surrender to the will of God that Mary proclaimed when Gabriel announced that she would be the mother of the Son of God.  Being unwed, this calling would involved great hardship.  She chose to be totally yielded to the Father and trust that His plan was really the best.
    That day as I prayed, I came to feel the grace of those words she uttered.  As though not coming from me at all, but as a gift from heaven placed in my heart, I have had total trust and no worry since that day.
    As the date approaches, it is hard not to get a little nervous again.  I ask that God would give me complete, perfect grace to humbly trust God’s plan, which is the plan of Providence, A LOVING Plan.  Let me be like Mary, Lord!  Give me grace!