The Reality of Easter

     As I sat in the stone church for the various liturgies during the three-day-long Triduum, I thought, “I am in the marrow of reality.”  The Triduum, stretching from Holy Thursday through the Saturday night Easter Vigil, is the intersection of human, earthly life with heaven.  God’s reality meets humanity in a comprehensive, all-encompassing way in these moments.  Every year, it happens again and again–it is the most profound human experience I have had, along with the birth of a child, the death of a parent, a wedding day.  It is what prepares me for my own death, and simultaneously brings me to life.
     By Easter Morning this year, I was in tears, sitting in the front row since the girls wanted to sit up close.  The reading of the Gospel was so profound, I felt like I was more myself than I had ever been, and like I was more ephemeral than I had ever been.  What really matters is life, life that triumphs.  Here we are celebrating that.  My soul feels it in a guttural, instinctual way.  And so I spend the next days and weeks eating chocolate, feasting and relaxing.  God’s comeback is worthy of leaning into and living out.