The Gift of Marriage

  Today’s Gospel is about marriage: “What God has bound, let no man rent asunder.”  It struck me so forcefully this morning that God has bound my husband and me together.  Yes, we have brought all of ourselves to each other.  We have been smart, caring, generous, and at times, self-less for the other person.  But what would we have today, almost twenty years into our marriage, without God having formed the bond of our marriage?  If Ron and I had stood on a beach, said a few words, and kissed in front of a handful of witnesses, making our marriage out of our own strength and resources, what would we have today?  I am sure that the difference is great.  I am positive that it is God who is responsible for the blessing that our marriage is.
   I know marriages fail.  I know some people have given it everything they had, and the marriage still falls apart.  To me, the real lesson here is about God’s grace.  I cannot do anything good on my own.  All the good in my life, my actions, my words, my accomplishments, my successes–whatever is good–comes from God.  I am weak and nothing on my own.  God deigns to meet me in my lowliness, my emptiness and error, and I am forever changed by His presence.
    How I love my husband!