The Best Easter

   This has been the best Easter I have had in many years.
   Ironically, I was upset a week ago, thinking that it would be the worst, since I am pregnant and my head is discombobulated, and since we did not feel like we had church community (parish life in Irving is in shambles).
    But, a true testament to the grace of God, it was not only fine and good, it was positively the best one I’ve had in decades.
    What made it so good was that–somehow–I was able to have enough time to sit in quiet and reflect on where I am, what my struggles and failures are, as well as my hopes and dreams, and then–somehow–the liturgies over the three days leading up to Easter had many points of connection.
    I found myself in the Christ who falls under the weight of the cross.
    I found myself in the Christ who suffers because of obedience.
    I found myself in the Christ who suffers death, but that death to himself generates new life for others.
    And I found hope in the Christ who dies for others, but then who receives new, resurrected life.

    As we participated in Holy Thursday, Stations of the Cross, Good Friday, and the Easter Vigil, I experienced a Christ who was reaching out to me, saying, “I know what you are going through.  Me too.”  Being in such good company was really validating for me, and made me feel all the closer to Him.  Oh, how I love the three days of the Triduum, culminating in Easter.
    And joy!  We have 50 days of the Easter season!  I have a whole stretch of time to make good on the grace I received!