The Alps

The Alps

  Words cannot describe how much we enjoyed meeting Mom, Dad, Leah and Hunter (and Malcolm!) in Davos Switzerland.
    It was really fun spending time with Leah who had us laughing the whole time, and Hunter is doing incredibly well. It was great to hear about his work and life. Dad and Mom are doing so well with their Safe Conversations and Relationships first endeavors, and we are so happy and proud of them.
   The sub-plot, however, was skiing. While many of us are skiers, we are US intermediate skiers. We heard that the Alps are much steeper and harder. So, on the first day, Jacob and I decided to do a reconnaissance trip on the slopes. As we ascended the gondola, I prayed for a complete cleaning of my soul from all stain of sin, performing as close as I could to Last Rites on myself.

The mountain was incredibly steep and we struggled to find beginner slopes. But we jumped right into our most experienced skiing skills, and braved the “pistes” for two hours until we came upon a beginner slope. We knew we could bring family members there the next day and they would be safe. We celebrated a job well done, and the fact that we were still alive, with weissbier and weinerbrats in a chalet lodge on the slopes.

Meanwhile, the girls enjoyed the spa at the hotel! Smart women!

The next day, Leah and Mary conquered the mountain with Jacob and me, while Ron got the others instructors and ski school. The deal Ron and I made with them was that a legit instructor had to say, “Yes, this person is ready to go up the mountain.” And so they worked toward that goal all week.

And by the end of the week, Clare and Leigh and even Annie were on that mountain!

Meanwhile, we had wonderful dinners and fun conversation with all the family in the hotel. Aunt Leah took lots of the kids ice skating and we had a wonderful dress up time getting ready for a New Year’s Eve party. (Look at those eyelids!)

Leah wore a dress that was Granny Ruth’s–it must be 50 or 60 years old and is more gorgeous than ever. . . on Leah! What a beauty! 
    It was great to be with so many of our family. There were so many joys and we are so grateful! Thanks to Mom, Dad, Leah and Hunter for the trip and for coming all the way over here to meet up with us! What a privilege and blessing! Love you guys!