In Mass yesterday, I was kneeling and praying about the three most challenging things in my life right now.  I recognized that in the first area, God has been prompting my heart to “surrender” and not worry.  Then I considered that in the second area, I have felt a strong message to “let go.”  Then I realized that in the third area, there is no recourse but to “yield to God” and let Him be in charge.  And in a flash, all three came together in my mind, with a powerful awareness: “In all things, surrender to God.  Step aside.  Do not try to fix, change, or control, but rather, spend your energy praying.  Beg God to be the one to fix, change, and control.”  Upon this “Aha” moment, I almost fell out.  I almost fainted.  It was like the experience when I was baptized in the Holy Spirit.  I was filled with such awe and love for God, and all I could see was the GLORY of GOD.  I kept repeating, “The Glory of God, the Glory of God.” God’s glory was so overpowering and beautiful to me.
     I think God was trying to say, “Yes, Kathryn, you are finally listening to me.  Let go!  Your effort is better spent at intercession than at worry or management of issues.  Be small!  Let me be big!”
     I am thankful for that grace-filled moment, and I pray–yes, I intercede!–that God can make that ephemeral awareness a habit, an ongoing and lasting cornerstone of how I handle what life brings.