summer time together

     Today I was reminded why I homeschool.
     Jake asked to watch A Wrinkle in Time.  I told him he needs to read the book first.  He came back with the book on tape and said, “Would this count?”  I happily consented.  So he put it on in the kitchen.  I was doing laundry.  The girls wanted to hear.  So Annie crawled around and played silently while we all listened to Madeleine L’Angle tell us the story.  I am not sure why everyone was so cooperative.  We have tried books on tape for years with only partial success.  But today, everyone–even Annie–cooperated for an hour or more!  We will hopefully get through it in a couple of days.
     The rest of the day, we cleaned, organized, and just spent time together.  For a summer day, and school out of session, you can still feel the homeschooling effects.  There is just a different lifestyle.  I am supremely aware of the video-watching/Cheeto-eating culture that is constantly knocking on our door.  We have so far kept our door locked.  The pay off?  Quality time in the most authentic sense.  It is wonderful for me to see us all relate to one another all day long.  And love it.