St. Faustina and Humility

    I have undergone a betrayal by a friend.  
    But I keep imagining St. Faustina, who was so humiliated, over and over!  That brings great comfort!
    What is actually important to me? My husband.  My children.  Oh, what wonderful relationships we have.  They are worth my all in all!  And my other good friends.  And my Mom, and my family.  I love them all so much.
    I have a friend, Anna, whom I love so dearly.  She puts up with all of me–all my complexity, all my weird circumstances, and she is still so faithful.  I appreciate her so much!!
     Most of all, my love for God.  I am amazed by how much He loves me, how much He gives to me.  I am the most blessed person on earth!