Spring Break with Clare and Sebastian

    Some of our kids have a stomach bug.  So sad!  So, determined to keep the baby–who had just recovered from being sick for a solid month when this bug hit our home–from catching it, I high-tailed it to a hotel!  Clare asked to come with me, and I said “Yes!”
   Three days later, we have been having a blast!

The week is over, and we have to go home.  Who knows if we will get sick now–I’m not convinced that everyone at home is completely well. But at least I will be able to handle it better!  I have been truly refreshed.  I LOVED my week!  The time with Clare was priceless.  And Sebastian–what a charmer.  This time is going by so fast.  It was wonderful to slow down, and only do ONE THING at a time.  That helps me be able to soak up the delight of this fleeting, beautiful time of life.