Social Life for Kids Can be Hard!

Oh I am heartbroken.
      Mary was completely left out of her ballet class, again.  Two and a half hours, and no one included her.  She said it gave her a lot of time to pray.  She was also heaving sobs when she got home from school today–a group project gone awry, a volleyball game with lots of fouls, and just a miserable day.
      Clare has been upset–inconsolable– for two days.  The girls in her class are horrid.  Six out of eight girls have no friends.  Six lone rangers.  None of them congeal.  There is no group identity, no class spirit.  They are all loners.  Imagine being new there, and trying to fit in!  There is no where to fit in, because they have no friendship!
      Jake then started chiming in about how hard last year was. . . I had forgotten how much he was left out, and how hard he struggled.  But he hung in there.  This year, he just started throwing parties. They love it.  It has caught on, and somehow a social group has formed.  But golly, a year with nothing!
    School is hard.  People are hard.  God help us all!