I was bowled over this Holy Thursday as we celebrated Jesus washing the feet of the disciples.  The disciples had been clamoring–who is the greatest among us?  Jesus answered their question that night: whomever is the servant, the maid, the butler, the handyman, the janitor, to everyone else.
     He really did tell us that the greatest are the ones at the bottom, who serve.  He really did tell us to become servants.  He really did tell us to see the loftiness of those who serve.
     What I love about this message is that all people are of infinite worth: those serving, those served. Jesus told us to become servants.  But He also showed great homage to those whose feet He washed.  Everyone on His paradigm is incredibly important.  No one falls through the cracks on His schemata. He shows us all how to find value: to see Him and those whom He loves in all people.
      Mothers–don’t you see yourself in that picture?  Don’t you wash the feet–and diapers and clothes and washcloths and towels and napkins and placemats and so forth–of others every day?
      Jesus loves mothers.  He exalts our vocation!