Second New Movie

 Ron and I found a second new movie that is WONDERFUL! It is the French film, The Intouchables (R). An ex-con becomes the caregiver of a wealthy quadriplegic. The quadriplegic takes to this unlikely employee because he has “no pity.” He is real, confident, honest, and refuses to walk on eggshells. He is just himself. That makes him really trustworthy and likable. The movie documents their friendship and is a clear look into the human experience and our need for companionship and acceptance. 

Sure, it is rated R for lots of language and some sexual innuendos. But even being sensitive to these things, I found it immanently watchable. The subtitles are helpful but I really enjoyed getting my French back (learning some bad words in French was a bonus!). 

The first new movie we found this year, The Big Year, was also a comedy about a handful of men. This is a new genre for me! Personal dramas about men and the development of their friendships–apparently, I’ve watched more female-based movies than make ones. Who knew that men movies could be so honest and funny? I’m liking it!