Sebastian’s Narthex Friends

My favorite thing about this school year is that most mornings begin with daily Mass for Sebastian and me.  Sebastian has made “Narthex Friends”–other little children, almost all boys, who also have to remain in the narthex, in the back of the church, so as not to disturb the Mass.  After months of adorable-ness, I finally pulled out my camera (which I would not normally do during a Mass) and stole a few shots.  Here’s the contraband! 
    These three are in the last pew, just before Communion.  Sebastian (left) and his friends, the Flood cousins.  

Sebastian (right), and the Flood boys again, seated in a stained glass window sill.

Here is a gaggle of boys plus a baby girl (second from the left) in the narthex.  Sebastian is on the far right.