Saying Goodbye

Saying goodbye to Jacob–taking him to the airport at 4am in Rome, sending him off to Dallas–was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. And yet who could ask for more? Who could have more reason to give thanks and celebrate? This is my first-born child who has been faithful, loving, and totally committed to our family. He hopes that by going to the University of Dallas, his sisters will follow him there, and then they will all settle down in Texas near each other and raise their families together. Be still my heart! I do not think I could be more fortunate. 

So why are my eyes so red and puffy, my stomach in knots, and my heart broken in two? How is there such a huge, gaping hole in our home today? Why isn’t there someone wondering where his next 3,000 calories are going to come from and if there is adequate protein in them? Why isn’t there someone who brightens my mood when he walks into the room? How do we be a family without him? 
I cannot write this message without bawling! I can’t even see the screen! {lease fgorive typos