Salad Days!

   What I have come to see is that these are the very, very best days of my life.  None will compare.  I will spend the bulk of my older years thinking about these days: all 6 kids are born, the baby is still a tiny, adorable infant; we still have a 4 year old and she is sweetly precocious; Leigh and Clare are still grammar school age and play with dolls; Mary is a pre-teen and was BORN to be a pre-teen so fits the role well; Jacob is having the smoothest possible transition into teenage-hood I could imagine, making straight A’s and loving his new classmates.  Our home is peaceful; the children are well behaved.  Ron is so loving and kind to me, always checking in with me and doing everything as a team.  I have completely let go of all things that I wish were different about our marriage, and so we have the world’s kindest relationship.  We have never been more happily married.
    This vision is hard to remember.  The refrigerator is always half empty; the laundry is always piled high; the baby is always wanting to be held; the school work is never quite complete; I am always a little overweight; Ron has never gotten in today’s run; the bills are always overdue; the dog got out of the yard; most of the light bulbs are out; the hammock still hangs down, half of it tied to a tree and the other half sagging on the ground.  
     But I am committed, completely committed, to seeing the glass half full.  Life just does not get better than having this huge, loving family.  Oh, how I thank God for this life!