Saint Drinking Game

     This Monday, Annie got her tonsils out. 🙁  Very sad.  Very painful.  Very hard recovery.  She has to drink 58 ounces a day (adults only need 64!) or else her temperature rises.  But she keeps throwing it up!  That is a vicious cycle, I dare say!
   She is now liquid-phobic: whenever we approach her with a milkshake in our hands, she cries, “Noooooo!”  She is sick of beverages.
    So I finally came up with a way to get the 58 ounces down the hatch.  It takes a lot of work, but we are getting it done.
    I got our a shot glass.  I poured gatorade in the glass and plopped a straw in it.  I happened to have some saint stickers in a drawer.  So I pulled them out and said, “Let’s play a game.  For every shot of liquid, you get a saint sticker!”  She liked the idea.  She scrutinized the stickers, and found St. Therese.  “Therese! I love her!” Annie cried.  So I said, “Let’s do this one for St. Therese!  On your mark, get set, GO!”  She drank down the ounce.  We all cheered and I gave her the sticker.  She placed it on a piece of paper.
    Next she found St. Alphonus.  I said, “He was so smart!  He taught us to to say, ‘Blessed be the name of the Lord!’ every time we are having a hard time.  So let’s say that while you drink your next ounce!”  Annie loved that, and said it and then drank it down.
     After her first 19 ounces, she was on her last one for that sitting.  She found the sticker of St. Anne.  “Oh, that’s St. Anne!  That’s me, technically!  Saint Me!”
     Oh, precious.
     One day in college, I wonder if she’ll subconsciously gravitate to drinking games!  I can only hope that she thinks of saints every time she takes a shot!!!!