Sacred Heart

    The girls and I began our day on Friday with Mass.  First Friday Masses are often thought of as in celebration of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.
    In the car ride home, I told that to the girls.  They asked, “What is the point of that?”  I said, “At one time in Europe, Christians had become very legalistic.  They were trying to earn their way to heaven.  Jesus appeared to a little, unimportant nun named Margaret Mary Alacoque, and revealed to her that His heart was full of love–reminding them of what the Gospel really shows.  He said that He is not interested in people’s perfection (in the legalistic sense), but in loving and forgiving them when they are not.  He said He just loves it when we know we have failed, and ask for forgiveness.  This is how to enter into a relationship with Him–not to try to impress Him from afar.”  It was a fun and refreshing conversation.  We all now want to attend all First Friday Masses, just to remind ourselves of this loving declaration from Jesus.