Ronnie Rombs Sr.

Ronnie Rombs Sr.

 This man is incredible. Here we are on my roof caulking up a tiny hole that has been a real nuisance. 

When my friend Emily saw him, standing there in his Wranglers, blue denim shirt and cowboy hat, she said, “It was just like seeing Ron.” They are cut from the same mold. 

Ronnie Sr. has his own vocabulary. He “mashes” buttons and brakes. He “slaps on” paint. Anything dry is “bone dry” and anything vast goes “as far as the eye can see.” 

I was charged with two home repair projects and Ronnie Sr. said, “Can I come to Dallas to help?” Of course you may. Thank you! 

He was able to tackle two projects that our contractor just couldn’t ever commit to. Ronnie Sr. got one of them finished in 48 hours. He did it all himself, without his own tools (which is saying something, since he can only identify two tools he does not own). Thank you, Dad!

He probably would not want me to tell you that he tears up. He tears up when he speaks about his grandchildren. He tears up when he talks about his loving wife, Jane. He tears up when he talks about God in his mercy and forgiveness. He tears up when he talks about anything having to do with true love, his own weaknesses, and his most sincere hopes. 
This man drove away in his pick up today (a very very large pick up truck) with a prayer kneeler in the back. We had one but it was broken. He asked if he could take it to repair and and then copy it. He says he makes them and gives them to all the priests he knows. He liked this one especially and would copy its design for future gifts. 
This man is a true saint. I am abundantly blessed to call him my dad.