riveting? really?!


     Ten years ago, I taught myself to cook from scratch, and now I am learning all over again how to cook without wheat, chicken, milk, or refined sugar.  (Yikes!) This “from scratch” thing seems to be theme with me. Somehow, my parenting, my being a wife, my having a home, and what I do all day long feel very new–like I am making them up from scratch.
So much about home life is new to me.  Yet I am so absorbed in the fascinating undertaking of “reinventing” home life, that my home has been a sort of magnet for me.  I do all things at home: home birth, home school, home-grown food, even a home gym–you name it, it happens at home!  I am riveted by reinventing home life for myself in a way that brings fulfillment.

I suppose that is the catch–ten years ago, I would have imagined that being a full time wife and mother would be synonymous with sacrifice, tantamount to giving up my “real” ambitions.  (As many of your know, I am trained to instruct on the college level.)  But for me, I am shocked to discover my truest self as I do all this laundry–it is authentically empowering and abundantly satisfying.