Pro-Life Motherhood Ministry

     I am so amazed at how God is calling me to ministry.  I used to think that one day I would maybe write a book or two.  But God has put upon me a very specific calling!  So funny how this week, liturgically, was all about “hearing the Shepherd’s voice!”  He sure can make Himself heard!
     The calling is to build up mothers, or potential mothers, who might be ambivilant about motherhood.  This scope includes mothers considering abortion.
     I was struck all of a sudden one day, pulling out of our supermarket parking lot, and seeing a low-income mother with a car full of children.  There is an abortion facility across the way from the supermarket.  I was praying for the moms in the abortion facility as I glanced at this woman with all these children.  I thought: “God bless her!  She did not have to have all these children, and yet she chose to keep them!”  Then God said, “Help HER!  Help women like her.  Give them the resources that I have given you.”
    I don’t have many resources.  But I have the little things that I do with my children that bring some peace, order and joy into our home.  I have a few tricks or behaviors that help me not to get upset, and instead to problem-solve.  They really help us in our home, and joy is the result.
    The next time I prayed about it, again, I heard what is distinctly His voice.  He said, “All multi-media–all video.  What if my Daughter cannot read?”  And so I thought, “Lord, you know I am totally defunct with media.  I hate all that stuff.  I think you have the wrong person!”
     But the next time I saw Ron, I told him about my prayer experience.  He said, “Kathryn, did you know that in the Oscars this year, the person who won “Best Documentary” filmed the whole thing on an iPhone??”  I was tickled.  Of course I can do that much!!  I do not have an iPhone with that much memory at the moment.  But I am only one iPhone away from responding to God’s direction!
     The last time I prayed about it, God showed me all sorts of women I know who have all their own tricks and resources.  I think God wants lots of these resources pooled together.

    So, as God makes it possible, I will embark!