Princess Clare

     It was Clare’s turn for “special time.”  I had planned it all out like a first date, and she was bubbling with excitement.
     We hopped on the bus going up to the mountain town of Albano.

    We had one hour before the shops closed for lunch.  She needed new shoes, and we found the PERFECT pair of navy flats with firm but padded soles.   The lady gave Clare a pink headband with a pink flower for free to which Clare responded, “Grazie.”  As she walked out of the store, she had grown three inches: she was erect like a princess, and had assumed a royal gait.  
     Then we found an accessories shop.  She picked out a pink fan and some light pink lipstick.  As we strolled around the town looking for the perfect spot of a lunch date, she flicked open the fan with verve, and fanned herself.  She then collapsed it, re-flicked it, and then fanned again.  The tiny town was suddenly overcome with adoration of this petite mademoiselle.  
     We found a nice place that served hot lunches.  She saved us a table as I gathered our food.  When I found her, she was sitting peacefully in a covered taverna.  She was so content.  When I stay down, we prayed, and she bit into her pressed ham sandwich.  She said, “Mom, this is the happiest day I’ve had.”  
     When we got home, all the girls LOVED their matching fans–she had gotten one in a different color for all of her sisters.  Sharing her royal wealth–a delightful act of magnanimity!