Praying With Leigh

   My favorite moment recently was praying with Leigh.
   When we say our nightly prayers as a family, sometimes we say vocal prayers, each taking a turn to speak to God about our gratitude and intentions.  Whenever Leigh goes, she speaks on and on; she prays for every sick person in the world, for every hungry person in the world; for every thirsty person in the world; for every person in the world in prison, and so on.  Sometimes the rest of us start to shift in our seats and yawn.  She realizes that she is taking too long.  So she winds down and says “Amen.”
    So a few days ago I said, “Leigh, I would really be blessed if you and I could pray together, and you pray for as long as you want, about every single thing that you would like.”
    She was so excited, and she kept asking, “When can we pray?  When can we pray?”  So the other night, I asked her to come into my room with me, and we sat down to pray.  She was overjoyed.  She prayed her little heart hour for a very long time–maybe half an hour.
    She has an amazing heart.  She has a tremendous love and respect for every person, and cannot imagine why people mistreat each other.  What stood out to me the most, however, was that she prayed on and on about purity: “Lord, help us not watch or see anything but Christian shows or movies; help us not to speak words except loving ones,” and so forth.  She is truly an amazing child.