Pope Benedict XVI

One fine day, 
we went to an audience with the pope, 
and everyone was shouting, “Papa Benedetto!”  His commentary on Galatians 4:4-7 was beautiful preparation for Pentecost (this coming Sunday).
     Ron’s class at UD this summer is based on many readings from this pope’s writings.  It was thus especially poignant for Ron to see Pope Benedict just a couple feet away, and hear him speak in person.  The pope is single-handedly helping Ron through his grief over the loss of his mom–the pope wrote eloquently over the loss of his own mother.  Many of the pope’s other theological discourses in his corpus are also hitting the mark for Ron of how to handle loss, pain and death.  
      The crowd waited for him for 3 hours–with a baby in my lap, that felt like a long time.  The pilgrims were singing and dancing, playfully shouting and jumping around.  Clare asked me, “Mom, why are they doing that?”  I said, “These people have love in their hearts, and are here to say ‘YES!’ to living life in the way of love.  The pope is a sign to the world that sacrificial love is more powerful than war or money or prestige.  God’s love is the real power of the world.  These people here today know that, and are giddy excited that they are right, that they have figured out what most of the world has not figured out yet.  That is why they are dancing and singing!”   
     Clare said “Oh.”