Party at the Rombses

   Our Advent season is so special this year. The kids are turning a corner and doing well in school. The teachers are saying, “She’s just where we expect her/him to be!” about all our kids, even when they are struggling.  
   Jacob was invited to present on the American Revolution in history and took over the class and lectured (in Italian) on this topic. And I’ve been asked to be a guest lecturer in philosophy next week. We love both of the schools and are finally settling in. . . a little bit!
   But yesterday, on the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe, patron of the Americas, we had a good old fashioned American feast. I made tons of tacos, including green and red chile sauce from scratch. This involved finding red and green chiles (I had to go to several stores), roasting them, peeling off the skins, de-seeding them, and then chopping the flesh and adding it to a sort of homemade cream sauce.
   We blasted country music (I’m sure Our Lady did not mind that it was not Mexican), and reminisced about great memories over the years. We love America! And we are loving Italy, too.