Papa Ronnie

   Happy Birthday, Papa Ronnie!
   Our family LOVES Papa Ronnie.  He is a true blessing to each one of us.
   The day I met him he was on his Texas farm, wearing his cowboy hat, Wranglers and boots.  He was so polite, so quick to get me everything I might want, he was a true gentleman.
    But as soon as Ron and I had children, he took it to a new level.  He played “Hide and Seek” with them around his house.  He would crawl under beds, hide in closets, always helping the littlest one win the game.  He was a child himself, and I’ve never seen someone have more fun with children.
     Grandparents can be the safest, most delightful people in a child’s life.  That is who he is to my kids–my kids have several wonderful grandparents!  Papa Ronnie brings out joy, laughter and playfulness in my kids.  They associate him with some of the funnest times they have ever had–making milkshakes, riding on his back like a horse, playing pranks, watching silly movies, driving a car for the first time on back roads in the country.  He is a true gift.  I am so glad that they have him in their lives.  
     Congratulations on your new marriage!  We are so excited about Jane!