Palm Sunday

     “What’s the point of Palm Sunday?”  I asked my kids this morning.
     “Jesus’ entrance into Jerusalem!” one kid shouted.
     “The people waved palms, as though Jesus was their king!” another announced.
     “That’s right,” I said.   “But what about the fact that Jesus gets crucified, just days later?  These same people shout ‘Crucify him!’ this same week.  What is the point we are to see?”
      After a rich discussion, with Ron filling in Scriptural background regarding the anticipated messiah, we concluded that the people desperately wanted a king, a leader, whom they loved and identified with.  They loved this would-be-king who healed the sick and raised the dead.  But they did not want to accept scourging, false accusation, a crown of thorns, nor a cross.  Most people shy away from such things.  But not Jesus.  He chose those things.  He accepted them willingly.”
    “So, this week is about spiritual maturity.  It is about loving Jesus, not just because he loves us a gives us what we want.  It is about loving Jesus, and learning how to embrace our crosses.”
     That’s what our family came up with as a reference point, as to how to see today’s liturgy and those of this upcoming week!  Imperfect, I’m sure.  But it’s something!