Our New Dog

    We have just adopted a rescue dog.  It happened rather unexpectedly: our family was entering a toy store.  Ron saw a sign for a dog that needs a home.  Hours later, Ron was uncharacteristically sulky.  I asked him what was the matter.  He said, “That dog on the sign looked just like TJ [his dog from childhood].”
      A few hours later I suggested that we get the phone number and at least inquire about him.  The kids got wind of this suggestion, and within minutes had named him “Bosco” for St. John Bosco who rescued street kids and established an oratory for boys during challenging times in Milan a hundred years ago.  Bosco was a dog that needed rescuing, just like these boys, they cried.
     They begged and begged for us to get Bosco.  Ron and I considered all the reasons it might be imprudent, and talked through each issue.  But the issues seemed resolvable: we have always been a family who had room for a dog, and still are.
     My criteria for a new dog were: 1) does not shed, 2) able to bond well with family members, 3) calm.
    We went to meet Bosco, and he was certainly all three!  A big-hearted mutt, he seemed almost like a  person in his ability to relate, bond and enjoy the company of others.
    We researched his various breeds, and he is part Briard, which is the kind of dog “Nanna” in “Peter Pan” was.  He is a shaggy old thing that is wonderful with children.  He has big floppy ears and hair that hangs over his eyes.  He is docile and sweet–a total joy.
    He transitioned here on Wednesday.  We were told to expect him to whine and cry a lot at first, and to resist settling down at night.  The lady even gave us doggy Benedryl to help him sleep at night.  We have seen none of these traits: Bosco acts like he has lived here his whole life, just lying at our feet, resting under the busy dining table, or sitting along side one or another of us as we talk, paint, draw, read or work.  He is a delight.  Welcome to our home, Bosco!