Our Lady of Fatima

    May 13th is the centennial of the appearance of Mary to three children in Fatima.  Mary’s message was a call to conversion and prayer.  My love for Fatima is that the appearance, in 1917, was at the end of World War I.  To me, Mary was powerfully interceding for the end of war and the repair and conversion of those who suffered its aftermath.  My view is that Mary is not a quaint, delicate lady, unfit for politics and global issues.  Rather, she is the Great Mother, who cares for the soldiers, politicians, and civilians as her own children, and guides them to be their better selves.  She is the mother of humankind, and when we dedicate ourselves to her, she lifts us up onto higher ground.
    She also shows us the power of motherhood.  If the whole world is falling into despair and horrific suffering, as it did in WWI, isn’t it interesting that it is a mother who calls us to a better life?  A mom speaking to three small children is the way heaven beacons humanity to renewal and peace.