Organizing Bookshelves

   How cathartic it was yesterday to spend my first whole day of spring break organizing all the books on our shelves!  They were in such disarray.  Oh, all that Christian spiritual literature in one place!  All the Greek philosophy, all the early Christian thought, all the medieval philosophy, all the fiction, all the history–each in its own section!!  I found so many books I had forgotten about, and so many I had recently thought I’d like to find.  I found them!
    Organizing on the “outside” does such good for my soul.  It refreshes me on the inside.  I love my books!
    I’m sure that the thrill of the undertaking was on multiple levels.  It was not only the joy of being organized, but was also a sign that, after 13 years of not reading to any significant degree, I’m getting back in the game.  Perhaps the thrill of it was most of all that  books are in my near future and that, therefore, so is a very real part of who I am.  God made some people runners.  They are born to run.  He made others musicians.  They are born to sing, play or compose.  Me?  God made me to think–to sift through the world’s great insights about God and the world He made, and to ponder them.  It has been an untold sacrifice to put all that on the back burner, while I “learned” a new way: not in my mind through ideas, but in my heart through actions.   One cannot be truly wise without this kind of “learning.”
    But I am overjoyed that God is now allowing me to synthesize the two, and return to some measure of academic work.  I do that as a person transformed, having found my priestly vocation through motherhood (Lumen Gentium).  I thank God for having designed my life, far better than I could have designed it myself.