One Year Ago Today

. . . my father died of a heart attack.
     It is so hard to lose a parent.  So hard.
     I miss his smile, his laugh, his levity, and his being a grandfather to my kids.
     But today, as always, I am grateful.  I am grateful for my father’s love for me.  I am grateful for my time with him.  I am grateful for the dignity of his death–he so feared living through a severe stroke.  For that, and so many other blessings around the circumstances of his death, I give thanks to God.   I am grateful for the gifts he gave me: instruction, admonition, encouragement, and warnings.   He was full of them, and wanted me to avoid the pitfalls he had fallen into or seen others fall into.  He wanted me to flourish.  He wanted my best.  He did not always know what that was, but he desperately wanted me to be happy.
     And so I am.
     Thank you, Daddy.  I love you.