Not So Spoiled

     Our family week was so full of fun activities, but I became alarmed when one child would forget to put frozen goods back in the freezer, another would not put their dirty plates in the sink. . . it seemed that they were getting lazy and spoiled.
     Wednesday was the Feast of Mary the Mother of God, and we were going to go to Mass.
     Finding Mass times, we realized that we could not take the few who wanted to go skiing back up to the mountain.  So we offered them a movie.  But then we could not get to that in time, either.  Yet we sat in the parking lot of the church for over an hour, having no where to go until Mass started.  It was just one of those travel days that never came together.
     I wondered, “Will they complain?”
     The Mass was so beautiful, the priest so inspiring, the church so delightful to the eyes with its simple, white wooden design.
    After Mass, we apologized to the kids that we could not see a movie after all, and were sorry that the day had not really come together.
    Jake replied, “Oh are you kidding?  That Mass was so beautiful, I would not have traded that for anything.”  Mary chimed in in agreement.  The other kids were perfectly happy too.
    Oh thank goodness, I thought.  They are not so spoiled after all!