New Energy!

     We have started juicing everyday.  I got a new set of juice recipes, and I love them.  I never liked the taste of the juices we made, and so never took the juicer out.  But with these new recipes, it is now a daily event.
      Strangely, I have been popping out of bed every morning with a new surge of energy.  I wake up earlier than usual, and am not groggy.  I jump out of bed, and instead of making coffee, I make a red drink with blue-green algae.  That really perks me up.  I make coffee for Ron (or vice versa), and then drink coffee a little later in the day.  But I have heard that an alkaline drink first thing in the morning has great benefits.
    Finally!  I’m doing what I have wanted to do all along.  Sometimes it takes such patience for things to fall together!  Patience, patience, patience!  But then, it falls into place!