My Teenagers

   Now having two teenagers, our family life is adjusting.  All those years homeschooling is really paying off.  These two teens are so bonded to me and everyone in the family.
    One of the main ways we all relate is through humor.  They don’t really want to get my advise about everything.  They don’t want to get my approval for everything.  The dynamics are changing in those ways.
    But they do want to laugh.  I have “up’d my game” on humor.  I find lots of things to quip about.  I was driving these two home from the orthodontist yesterday.  I made a joke.  They joked back.  We were all laughing hysterically as we got out of the car and stumbled into the house.
    Ron asked: “What is so funny?  Why is everyone so HAPPY?”
    It was somewhat rhetorical.  We told him the stupid sentence that had gotten us started.  But the real point is: we are happy together.
     This is priceless to me.