My New Ministry!

    I am overjoyed to announce the birth of my new ministry!  It has been 10 years in the making.  Finally, God’s timing has arrived!  Yesterday, I went down to the County Clerk and filed for Catholic Mothers Ministries.  It is an umbrella ministry that hosts “Catholic Mothers’ Retreat” which my team and I will be bringing to parishes.
   I began organizing retreats for Catholic mothers in our wonderful community here in Irving.  After several years, two parishes reached out to me and invited me to bring a Catholic Mothers’ Retreat to their parish.  Given that it was two parishes, both contacting me within about a week of each other, I felt like that was no coincidence.  After much prayer, I decided to move forward with creating a Catholic Mothers’ Retreat that we could take to any parish or community.
   Our first one is this Oct. 7th at Holy Family of Nazareth Parish in Irving, TX.  Join us if you can!  The second one is at St. Rita’s Catholic Community in Dallas, date TBA.  The website and registration site are at: