My Easter Vigil

     The Easter Vigil is the most holy, blessed moment of the year for me.  It is the moment that, standing in the dark, we wait and then witness new life.
     Last night was an Easter Vigil for me–ironically, it was in dark of the night, that I talked with my mom until 5:15 AM, as dawn broke.  
     We have been building a strong and healthy relationship for years.  But there were a few remaining issues that needed attention.  Last night, we had finally built enough tools, poured enough prayer, and sought a high enough vision, that we had all it took to resolve the unresolved issues in our history.  We took a nice, safe dive in.  
     When the moment of healing came, it broke in like dawn in the night.  It was the first glimmer of new life: it was a resurrection.  We cried, hugged, and cried some more.  We talked through every remaining issue. . . and hugged and cried some more.
     Mom said that she had struggled in her relationship with her mother.  Mom was never able to find a point of connection with her mom–a real meeting of two hearts.
    Last night, Mom was able to give me what her mother never gave her.  It was a meeting of two hearts.  I will cherish that moment, a high water mark in my life, forever.