More Highlights from the City of Lights

Notre Dame–“Our Lady” at the center of the rose window, and at the center of the city!

St. Andre des Arts, my favorite street.

St. Chapelle–my very favorite!  It would be worth buying a new camera lenses just to photograph this chapel!

Ron included street art in his art/literature class this summer–and we saw Space Invader two times, both on the Seine!

I love the mussels in the brasseries!  But we usually ate baguettes and ham that we carried around in Jake’s backpack.

Cotton candy at the Eiffel Tower–Ron took the older ones up at midnight one night!

The Musee d’Orsay, in an old train station.

We spent plenty of time in trains of the underground sort!

Ron and I took our honeymoon in Paris.  Here is where we stayed–now back, 15 years later with five children!

     That says it all, in a way.  Where are we in life?  What have we done, and where are we going?  This week we got a glorious chance to have this highlight, celebrating our family’s life and growth, our love of God, each other, and this extraordinary world in which we live.  May we contribute to it, enrich it, pray for all that is in in, and give thanks for it!